签约:PXD LOGISTICS CO,LTD与海洋网络达成网站建设协议


Our mission is to bring value to global forwarding by delivering absolute cost effective solutions to your business. Striving to become the world’s most customer focused oriented organization by prioritizing the international logistic needs of individuals.

We do what we promise and support our mission to help our customers succeed, by understanding customer values and interests, being flexible and constantly investing in developing our international driven business. We bring the talents of experienced industry professional, of many cultures, together to deliver first class logistics solutions to our clients.

海洋网络网站建设从2018年开始与PXD LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.深度合作,帮助PXD LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.设计网站及开发网站多次网站平台,此项目为2018年PXD LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.新版官方网站。