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GBA,as a professional PCB manufacturer, with tens years of pcb manufacturing experience. Our goal is to partner with business by providing our customer with higher quality and more flexible pcb manufacturing services

In the past, we produced large number of various pcbs to our customers on Europe, North America and South east etc markets, and its pcb from single side pcb; metal pcb, High Tg pcb, though hole pcb with double side ; multilayer and HDI PCB;
Besides with special mixed technology such as hybride pcb just like the rigid +flex pcb; fr4+aluminum pcb etc. these pcbs are concerned different industries such as Telecom communication; power control; consumer electronics and LED lighting etc.

海洋网络从2019年开始与Greater  Bay Area Circuits Technology Limited签约网站制作,帮助Greater  Bay Area Circuits Technology Limited网站设计及开发网站多次网站平台,此项目为2019年格瑞它食新版官方网站。